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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Silent Night

Written by Mike Gallego

Life indeed changes, so does our attitude and personality, depending on the kind of environment we grow ourselves in. Along the way, we encounter good and bad experiences which changes the way we look at ourselves, others, and life as a whole. Every experience has something to teach us. Sometimes, we even find the best lessons in the most heartbreaking situations in our life.

The separation of my parents has been a big issue for me until now. I understand that there is really no way where I can turn back the time, but it often tears me up inside whenever I recall how my family used to be. In some ways, I still consider myself lucky because it made me discover a lot of things which, for sure, I would never know in any other way. I experienced both having a complete family, and a broken family. I can say that it is much easier for me to relate with other people now; those who are happy with their family, and those who may not be able to have the luxury of having a complete family.

The experience made me realize that difficult situations are not times when you should become weak and lose hope, but times when you could prove your wisdom in dealing with them, your courage in facing them, and your strength in getting through them.

Two nights ago was a silent night...

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Donnie said...

i don't wish to pretend that i could totally understand your situation. i've not experienced it. but i can say that i can feel for you. with my prayers, as usual. all will be well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sharing something as personal as this... it takes a lot of guts to be able to do so. But it also shows a lot of maturity on your part...

God bless you. Be assured of my prayers... as always. Remember me as well when you talk to Him.


Mike said...

thanks so much brothers for your prayers and concern! you're like my angels here on earth. :) thanks for making the world a heavenly place. :>

Louie said...

Seeing how you deal with things, you'll get through this. I'd say that you'd get through this without breaking a sweat, but I'd be lying. But I DO know that you'll get through it, and by the looks of it, you've learned something already. My prayers are with you, and so is God and everyone else who loves you. (Man, what I'd give for a silent, peaceful night. No stress, no worries and whatnot....:P )