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Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year

Written by Mike Gallego

As for a high school senior student like me, New Year is like the concluding chapters of a fantastic book, or the finishing episodes of a wonderful television series – very predictable yet so enigmatic. You give importance to every scene, you are so cautious about anything that happens, and you fear missing out any moment.

Meeting the New Year is like meeting a new world for me. It is so unbelievable to notice how much I give value now to a lot of things which did not really mean anything to me before. Could it be because I am afraid – of losing gradually, of leaving eventually? Yes. I may not see this again, hear this again, and feel this again. Some things may never happen again.

High School has been so great and at the same time so harsh to me. Though I realized that no matter what happens, be it good or bad, whether it builds you up or break you down, there is always a valuable lesson to learn from it. Indeed, high school is all about acquiring knowledge through experiences more than anything else.

Five days ago, we had Japanese visitors in Don Bosco – they were students and professors from Ehime University in Matsuyama City. They came just to observe the kind of education we have in our school. I was selected to be their presenter as well as one of their facilitators during their tour. I welcomed them, introduced them to the superiors of our school, showed them our facilities in the campus, and shared some piece of information about our culture and tradition as Bosconians . All of them were nice to us; they listened to all that we said, they laughed at our jokes, and they really showed interest in what we were doing. One thing, though, was quite odd about them – none of them had any idea what a church or a religion is – except for their professors, I guess. When we dropped by to our small chapel, they were all noisy chatting with one another until I said, “where we are right now is considered as one of the most sacred places here in our campus… people come here to have a moment of silence and speak with God.” On our assembly before the end of their visit, two of their professors congratulated me and told me that they appreciated the way I went along with them. They just told me some things I never expected to hear from anybody – can I just keep it with myself?

Currently, I am just attending to the developments of our publications, the “Bosconian Ink” and “Memoirs 2010” and to the organizations of my “Class Business Enterprise” and “Photo Contest and Exhibit” for the 57th Foundation Celebration of my school.

Allow me to end this blog entry by sharing with you the outcomes of my college entrance tests…

De La Salle University – (PASSED) BS Communication Arts, BS in Business Management
University of Sto. Tomas – (PASSED) BS Communication Arts, BS Legal Management
San Beda College– (PASSED) BS Legal Management, BSBA Marketing and Corporate Communication

University of the Philippines – I applied but I did not take their entrance exam because I was infected with the H1N1 virus.

So, till now I am still undecided on which school to enter.

P.S. I am one of the delegates for the Taize Pilgrimage of Trust in Manila. I will get to interact with people from foreign nations again. Yay!

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Kim said...

It's unfortunate that you were not able to take the entrance exam for the University of the Philippines because of the flu virus.

And I think you'd do very well in all the courses you selected. I hope you would pursue legal management. :)

Take care, DM.

Mr. D said...

It's been a while since I last read this blog seriously; I used to just skim through it. I'm so happy to read about your works in high school. I don't know if you have any idea who I am but, as a distant friend I am very proud of you. Extend your successes in college and beyond and may the Lord guide you in your every step. I miss the times! :P

Mike said...

Hi Kim... thanks so much for commenting. i have 3 friends who were able to take the upcat even though they had h1n1. but i'm not sure if they were able to concentrate on the exam. LoL. i'll definitely take your advice to take LM... now i just have to choose between beda and uste. haha!

Mr. D, God bless you for your wonderful comment. :)it's very rare to receive such kind of words from people nowadays. thank you so much. take good care.

Anonymous said...

nice, u passed all those universities. UST is the best. lol

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josé miguel said...

I think UST has a strong moral value foundation. It is just my own perception. I also think BS Communication Arts is a good training if you intend to work in articulating ideas.