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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Deep and Fascinating Endeavor

Written by Mike Gallego

"A deep and fascinating endeavor" - was how the late Pope John Paul II described the experience of discernment about God's will for us. Last Monday-Wednesday, I with some of the vocation group members went to a three-day orientation in the seminary of Don Bosco in Canlubang.

The experience in the seminary was tiring. We never ran out of works to do, since we were following a schedule and routine. I didn’t like it at first, but after a while I also realized that all of those were actually necessary for proper Christian formation. I realized, it was the heart of Don Bosco’s Preventive-System, the main feature of Don Bosco’s life – the love for work.

I won’t say too much about the life inside. But all in all, I learned a lot of things mostly about holiness. Sadly though, I am not ready and disposed to apply them all in my life yet. I am still young, but will I ever be disposed and ready? I don’t know. Discerning is a lifelong journey, so choosing not to enter for now does not mean that I am closing the door for its possibility.

It is true, there is a bigger world inside. Yes, the seminary is only a tiny space in the world, but I can say, through the way of life the people have there, everyone inside knows the meaning of responsibility – a big word, a grown-up matter. The seminarians’ hands can never be idle. They are always full and busy with anything and everything, as long as they can keep them clean and away from sin.

Life inside the seminary is peaceful yet full of adventure. But if I enter now, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage to survive. There are still things here outside that I cannot leave high and dry. If I enter the seminary now, I’ll be just like a fish removed from the water. As of now, there is only one thing I am sure about entering there, I will go back when I develop a lung.

I wish to extend my thanks to all the seminarians, priests and brothers for giving us a very warm reception in the seminary. Thank you for allowing us to live your life and to learn a lot. I admire each one of you for your direct and active effort in following Christ, Jesus. May He bless you all, and may He always provide you with fulfillment in all the good things that you do.
“You standout among others and you have the aura. I have a strong feeling that you will become a great Salesian if you pursue studying here inside the seminary. I can say that you are a very intelligent person based on how you answer my questions, based on how you carry yourself.”
– Fr. Joe
Light my way, Lord. Rule my life, and lead me. Let me acknowledge your real plans for me.

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Donnie said...

just got back from bicol after the tiring (yet rejuvenating) summer camp! sayang, wasn't able to keep you company. but then again, your entry says it all... will wait for your return... for good... for God.

Penkeeper said...

Good job. :>

Ngayon mo lang ba nakilala si Fr. Joe? :D Nice priest, eh?

melosdb said... glad you had a wonderful time in canlubang... thats nice...discernment also needs time.

Mike Gallego said...

ad... yeap. fr. joe looks scary at first, pero when you start talking to him, you'll find out that he's not.

James said...

thanks Mike! sana di na ko tamarin this time haha. anyway may mga tutuloy sa seminary?

Mike Gallego said...

yes. good luck.

si rabbi ocampo, sure na. :)