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Friday, March 26, 2010

Private Warning made Public

Written by Mike Gallego

If there is one certificate in high school which I can say I am most proud of, it will be this Private Warning. You see, I am so proud of it that I even posted it here where everyone can see it. Yes, this is a Private Warning that I received for violating a School Policy.

Some of you reading this may think that I am blogging this to insult the people who endorsed me for this Disciplinary Action; no, definitely not. In fact, I was one of those who sanctioned myself. Others say it was stupid; but for me, it was noble.

This Private Warning gives me a feeling of pride, dignity, and above all fulfillment. That for once in my life, a decision I made set the standard back in its rightful place; that a decision I made proved my courage to face my own self – strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, self-determination and limitation; that what I did helped some people to realize the dreadfulness behind an action they had thought as pleasurable and fun.
“For all that I have suffered, I do not regret the problems that I have faced – because they are what brought me to where I wanted to arrive... I carry with me all the marks and scars of the combats – they are the witnesses of what I have lived through, and the rewards for what I have conquered... scars are necessary when we fight against Absolute Evil, or when we have to say “no” to all those who, sometimes with the best of intentions, try to impede our journey towards dreams."
- John Bunyan
I did not regret receiving this Disciplinary Action, even though the favor and trust of some of those around me had been sacrificed. If through sacrifices like this I could always help others recognize the insolence of their actions, I would always be more willing and happier to make worse cases and receive punishments and disciplinary actions heavier than Private Warning.

PS: This entry was originally long. It was only summarized to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

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Anonymous said...

amp idol :)) gago ka din pala =)))))))))))) hot and cold ka talaga =P

Mike Gallego said...

haha! who's this?

Penkeeper said...

I almost had one. :> HAHA. Anyway, good (bad) job.

Mike Gallego said...

arghhhhhh!!! haha!

Anonymous said...

who endorsed you?

Mike Gallego said...

principal, apsa, my adviser. but before that classmates had advised me not to let any of the superiors know about what happened. :)) but i still went to my ******* and told her i wanted one. she asked me first if i was ready to have a bad record. i answered yes. haha! =)

Anonymous said...

well, it's good that you acknowledge what you deserve. You shouldn't have made this "public" cuz it wasn't meant to be...though I completely understood the reasons you stated in this blog why you posted your private warning here :P

but. is this like a verbal or physical assault? :))

Mike Gallego said...

What I made was NOT an assault. When you say assault, you DELIBERATELY attack a person. What I made was more of a spur-of-the-moment act; something any person, in that circumstance, could do.

I was being harassed by two classmates, who happen to be basketball varsity players. For about 4 hours, they were annoying and irritating me. I was not minding them, nor reacting to what they were saying, till they brought force and provocation into play. That threw me into extreme rage – I hit them both.

I do not think there was any seriousness or abuse in what I did. It wasn’t an abuse in nature or extent in the first place, that was the only time it happened, they were not so vulnerable persons; they are athletes and tall persons, in fact, and it did not affect them in any way – they continued bullying me until the next day.

I NEVER deserved my private warning. The assessment of the school authorities regarding my case was downright innacurate, I would say. They had held ill-informed opinions even before they read my statement and interviewed me. The questions asked to me during the investigation were very irrational and very far from my statement.

I just accepted the disciplinary action even though, for me, the investigation made was partial and half-done, because my only choice was to write to the Rector, and I RESPECT the APSA.

Mike Gallego said...

i know who's anonymous. :>

hello! you ah. using the school internet connection. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I'm "Anonymous" :> CUZ i never expected that you would get a warning... :)) and yeah I have been reading your blogs and my other friends' blog when I'm on a free sched during the day at school. and my friends here have been reading your blog too. oh, if you do know me, email a message with my name on the subject line (include a how are you message if you like. haha) :P

but I don't think asking for some kind of appeal on their decision is not respecting APSA. tsk. man, you should be bitching sometimes. just kidding :)

keep the spirits up.

Anonymous said...

oh hold on, 4 hours? they must have dried their tongues out by that time, and you should have just plugged earmuffs on your ears to have prevented your sanction. oh well, stuff happens :P

Mike Gallego said...

hahaha! sabi na nga ba. =))))