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Monday, April 19, 2010

Bosco Press in Action

Written by Mike Gallego

The season of summer has begun and the school year 2009-2010 has closed, but vacation has not yet come for the senior editors of the DBTC High School Publications.

While many have started going to their planned vacation trips, the editors still come to school everyday to fulfill their commitment of  coming up with quality papers for their final publication, the Memoirs 2010 yearbook. They collect pictures, edit articles, and design templates from eight in the morning till six in the evening.

I admire these person's strong sense of commitment to their obligations and tasks, and I feel very proud of being one of them.

We may have no time yet to visit our dream destinations this summer, at least we are able to conserve our money. The pressures and conflicts in the demands of the publications may still be on us, at least we are not one of those who have got nothing to do this summer. We have an exclusive work room with a controlled temperature of eighteen degrees Celsius, ten units of super computers with LCD monitors and hi-speed internet connection, and all our expenses are answered by the school.

The experience of being in this group alone is a reward in itself. It provides us with great opportunities to discover a lot of things that we would never learn in any other way. It allows us to relish sharing ideas and working together more. We enjoy the fulfillment of leaving a legacy of re-establishing the independent publication in the school, and the so-called glory of the press.

We hold greater obligations than any student organization in our school, we play nobler tasks, and we make greater contributions to the development of the school's system.

Beneath the pressuring press works and limitless devotion as campus journalists, the roles we play as members of the high school publications nonetheless make us explore the depths of our being.

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James said...

Go Bosco Press! Proud to be a member of it. Madaming natututunan.

Mike Gallego said...

minsan lang dumating sa buhay ng isang tao ang mabigyan ng oportunidad na sumali sa grupong gaya ng press. sa katotohanan nga, madalas nga ay hindi na ito dumarating. bihira nga. hindi man biro sa hirap yung mga trabaho natin kuminsan, mabuti naman naidudulot ng mga ito.

erwinator said...

not to brag but I was an art editor for our High School yearbook which is why I can relate to your situation. Have fun, take it easy, and don't be too serious. it kills your creativity :-D

PS: that time tulungan kami sa pagarrange kahit di na nmin part para lng masmabilis yung trabaho.

Mike Gallego said...

no problem, erwinator... it's definitely uplifting.

ginagawa namin ang katulad ng ginawa niyo, kaya nga history yata gagawin namin eh... kami yata publications team na pinaka-mabilis maglalabas ng yearbook sa history ng school namin.

august ang tentative distribution date namin.