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Saturday, April 10, 2010

High School Memories

Written by Mike Gallego

It is very unbelievable how time flies by so fast. Yesterday, we were just taking our entrance exam in Bosco. But today, it is already time to say goodbye to our Alma Mater who has been very dear to us; to close this chapter called “High School” and open a new one like we never see it coming.

As we look back to those four multihued years of this magnificent chapter in our lives, we cannot help but contemplate on those scenes that were laden with all kinds of adversities – fear, adjustment, bewilderment, criticisms, unceasing abundance of obligations, and so on.

There were times where the occurrences were tough and demoralizing that hit the highest points of our bounds. There were times where we were unable to help the tears, because we were alone, afraid, lost, or ashamed. Only until we had the guts to face and challenge our issues, and suffered several stumbling blocks and some loss of face – we learned. We considered them all as struggles, until we finally saw the point of them all.

Looking back also brings to our, still, naive minds the countless people who, from the very beginning, offered their support to us without expecting anything in return. We found them; the friends and mentors in our midst, who were there at whatever time and place we were, to listen to our stories, to laugh at our jokes, to share knowledge and experiences.

Suddenly, it seemed that we started to cultivate in many fields and the world threatened us no more. Little by little, bit by bit, we determined the difference between right and wrong, real and unreal, just and unjust.

The past years had been, as we might say, an enthralling maturity for all of us. This must be attributed to Don Bosco, Mary Help of Christians, and all the Salesian Saints who have never failed to intercede for us, and to the Divine Providence that has been always sustaining us.

In keeping, we had to take some times to be with Him every day, in the small chapel or in the big chapel. Sometimes, just to utter “hello,” or some words of friendship. Sometimes, we never had to say anything at all, just stayed a little, there with the Lord.

High School was just short, exhilarating and demanding, yet full of surprises and wonderful experiences. During our four years in High School, all of us exceptionally did a lot of maturing, a lot of growing up. We may not always notice them, but we can always find them, if we do so, inside our hearts, somewhere they could not be obviously seen, and only throbbing is heard.

Don Bosco… Thank you for getting us on the way across to becoming the capable, sturdy and successful persons the Lord hopes we would be. Bigger things, greater tasks, more trials and failures may be waiting outside. We may fall, not once but many times, but we shall rise, again and again.

So long, old man. I will see you again sometime soon. And when that time comes, I will make it sure that you will be proud of me.

Dearest Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon us all in the previous chapters of our lives. Thank you for the biggest family you have given us in the Educative-Pastoral Community of Don Bosco Technical College. Thank you for our families, and everyone you have given us for support, love and companionship.

As me and my batch go to college, grant each of us the wisdom, assurance, and focus to make the most out of our new lives. Bless all of us and provide us with the necessary things for us to be able to keep on moving forward in making our home, and our school proud.

To everyone, I offer my gratitude. And with my sincerest wishes for one and all, congratulations! We made it.

I love you all from the bottom of my heart.

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anne said...

u seem to be a rily loving person, how much do u luv the world & the people in it?

James said...

aww congrats Mike! good luck in college!

Mike Gallego said...

loving. haha! secret. LOL

same to you, jaime.

erwinator said...

I did feel quite sentimental when I graduated from high school too. but don't worry you'll have more fun in college: new faces, new friends, new experiences etc. Good luck! :-D